“And those from among you shall build the old waste places. You shall raise up the foundations of many generations.

And you would be called the Repairer of the Breach, the Restorer of Streets to Dwell In.”

‭‭Yeshayah (Isaiah)‬ ‭58:12‬ ‭TS2009‬‬

About Us

The Boddy Balance is created with the knowledge that the slightest change in products or ingredients can make the biggest difference in your skin. Therefore, we have formulated products for the skin and body to help you achieve healthier, filter free skin using clean ingredient products aligned to keep you in the rhythm of YAH. Whether it may be acne, pigmentation, scarring, dehydration, dryness, oily skin, anti-aging or simply just maintenance, we are here to be of service to you!

One of the founders (Kayla Boddy) is a Illinois Licensed Esthetician with 5 years of experience in the industry and has a successful corrective skincare business.

The Boddy Balance is a family-centered lifestyle company established September 2020. Eight months after the family welcomed their beautiful baby girl; Anthony and Kayla Boddy finally decided one day while laying in bed with AviYah in her favorite spot (on mommy’s chest) and Anthony Jr. in his favorite spot (on both his parents), to put into action their frequently late night discussion of building their own family financial wealth. As willing and proud servants of Yahusha Ha’Mashiach (Jesus Christ) we desire to not only hear the word of The Most High but to be obedient doers of His word and commands.

The Boddy Balance is established and structured in the order of The Most High with a heavy focus on Holistic Alternative designed products.


We are Anthony & Kayla Boddy and have been married for 6 years. As of now we have two very bright, handsome and beautiful children named Anthony Jr. (a.k.a AJ) & AviYah. We truly enjoy being of service to others but we first recognize “Family isn’t the most important thing, it’s everything” (Dr. Kenneth Howard). It is this very reason in order for us to live and be walking out our life story; it was and still is till this day and forever in our union that we abide by all the words spoken by Yahusha (Jesus) particularly all of Mattithyahu (Matthew) 7. It is in that passage text that we particularly hold fast to building our house on the rock (Mt. 7:24) and in doing so our unwavering belief is that all that we have been instructed to do by The Most High with our hands will prosper because we walk in His rhythm; therefore, creating balance within our temple.

It is not uncommon to see the imbalance that plagues the world but it is even more disturbing when that imbalance has also found its way into the body of Ha’Mashaich (Christ). As a result, we knew that first a spiritual realignment of one who is a Follower of The Way (Yohanan “John” 14:6) needs to occur and the end result would be a renewed mind. Then externally the body would follow suit to ensure total balance of the temple is back aligned to the house of YAH. As you can imagine on our journey this was us at one point spiritually, mentally and physically. It is when The Most High was restoring His balance to us;  to man (Anthony)and then woman (Kayla) that the body of our union and household became and remains balanced.  

From the spiritual and mental realignment (hearing) soon followed the natural realignment (doing) of healing and taking better care of our temples (our bodies). This included how we eat, what we watch, say, do and use etc.  Furthermore, it is our responsibility to now teach and care for our children in a similar manner. It is our desire to leave an inheritance for our children’s children founded in Mishleﬞ (Proverbs) 13:22 and we understand one of the many crisis and imbalance that plagues the Hebrew community and the human race at large  is there is no inheritance left for our children’s children. As a result, this led to the establishment of The Boddy Balance. We plan to use this platform as instructed by The Most High to provide clean ingredient  products designed to keep individuals on their second phase in their journey of natural realignment within the rhythm of YAH.